About-Guenther-Vomberg - Guenther Vomberg

About-Guenther-Vomberg – Guenther Vomberg

About-Guenther-Vomberg.This blog is about a German national living in the Philippines for more than a decade. It is known that the Philippines attracting part of the unproductive in the first world low life citizens forced into exile – to the satisfaction of their governments who get rid of them effortlessly, fewer food stamps to the expenses of tax payers and other welfare benefits for the lazy. He’s one of them.

About-Guenther-Vomberg is the story of a loser came from Germany and found refuge in the Philippines knowing how easy is  from coming as a zero to become a hero just in short time.We want to bring him back where he belongs. TO ZERO!
Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines was never a hero, he’s taking advantage of the naivety of the local population and a portion of ignorants  within the expat community
in the Philippines portraying himself as “an official” of the Philippines Government.

Wearing a uniform that has no military value what soever, but a symbolic only, as any member of the coastal Guard auxiliary can have. Is like in the Rotary club, Rotarians wear a jacket during meetings and public activities, is more of a NGO social club than a corps  of the Philippines Navy as he wants you to believe. In other words, a liar.

Going through thousands of statements Guenther Vomberg has made on the forums and lately on his blogs, we did not only conclude that he’s a megalomaniac and suffers from a high degree of mythomania and narcissism,  we had strong reasons to believe that he’s trying to sell influence for a fee in the expat community pretending to be “connected “within the local Philippines Government”. Our assessment is based on his own statements published below. Here is the first. (comments are below each screen capture).



This is his introduction  to Paul Petrea’s Forum Living in Cebu Forums. Some they took his statements for real but down the road reading his posts understood the moron he was and dumped him.Recently he came with another lie to the same forum  trying to convince who ever stupid wants to believe it.
That he helped a foreigner and even paid for him the bail amount to walk free off the police station where he was detained for public disturbance under the influence, not a big offence by Philippines standards, as long as you did not physically harmed someone. As a proof of his generosity and “an influential big shot” he is, he published on the forum  this document:

The document is dated 3 years ago, nothing prove Guenther Vomberg, was involved in any way. In the Philippines any one can obtain a copy from the police station blotter by means of a small fee. Where it says that he paid anything for his bail and that he was a foreigner as he stated in the forum?
Besides, the offense does not require bail in the Philippines. He will be released as soon as he’s sober.
Readers, go through the entries of this mythomaniac and read more about the guy. A unique sample of what the Philippines inherits from the “rich” countries around the glob. 

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