Evan Iliadis-Ze book Iz here

Evan Iliadis-Ze book Iz here

Evan Iliadis: Ze book Iz here Ladies and gentlemen, victims of cyber stalkers around the world relieve is on the way. Finally! A solution to get rid of them with a click of the  mouse!  Ze Book is here! Please Welcome Guenther Vomberg for the introduction!

Evan Iliadis-Ze book Iz here

Evan Iliadis: Ze book Iz here Ladies and gentlemen, victims of cyber stalkers around the world relieve is on the way.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The unthinkable  just happened. We all thought no event will ever effervesce  to the level of the “grand première” the iphone had! But if that was truth, then is no longer. Guenther Vomberg and his partners have been able to launch the latest book in a big way, able to put Apple stores to shame, reassembling thousand of funs around the world, some stayed on their computers all night waiting the GO! of the site for downloading.

Because Evan Iliadis is a participant – if not the key  figure that without the birth of this best seller wouldn’t be possible – I feel the moral obligation to actively participate and promote it to the international community. I was also asked by famous book edition firms in France and in Greece to translate the book on those languages as I’m fluent on both. We’ll see… Evan Iliadis-Ze book Iz here

Meanwhile, I will now proceed with the first step of the planned promotion marketing by creating a FAQ table below for you reader to better understand the necessity of buying this book, that book you shouldn’t leave home without it! 

Q: Who is the author of this book?
A: At first it wasn’t clear. Guenther said in a preview he published on his web site that was written by Perry Gamsby  but the cover shows Christopher Bennetts and Elizabeth Clarke. I just sent a telegram to Guenther to clarify that for me. Evan Iliadis-Ze book Iz here

Q: Why Guenther Vomberg got involved with this venture? Evan Iliadis-Ze book Iz here
A: The initial idea was born in the brains of Christopher Bennetts for the purpose of diversifying his sites after he got in trouble with the law. Both partners Perry Gamsby and Chris Bennetts have lost credibility long ago and they needed some-one who they thought might help them with the marketing. He ( Guenther) of course will put a link to his sites and get a commission of the sale, plus a bigger one from the German language  version of the book.

Q:Is anyone else involved in this venture?
A: Yes. His name is Tim Potter from Sugarland TX and lives in Cebu close to the village where Guenther lives. He’s a member of the Living in Cebu forums and other forums selling counterfeited software for video capture. A good salesman indeed, he knows how to sell a bridge, but the book is not a bridge and the other partners realized Tim isn’t up to the task to sell it on the forums. We have never heard from the guy since, we don’t know where exactly he stands in that venture. 

Q:And Matt Wilkie from Cebu Philippines? He used to be very close friend and collaborator to all of the names mentioned above. Is he part of the deal?
A: The answer is NO!. Matt Wilkie has been excluded from day one because of his bad reputation in business and the image he painted the expat community in the Philippines triggered the anger of the of the Cebu Peace Riders club, he now has a bounty on his head financed from defamed and snitched expats living in Cebu.

He’s also in bad terms with Paul Petrea something the rest of the book clan don’t like, Paul being the mentor of all of them, especially to Guenther. Paul Petrea now living in Cambodia has warned him on the consequences when he will returne to the Philippines. Let’s hope he will not!… Here is a portion of the threat:


Evan Iliadis-Ze book Iz here – Guenther Vomberg


There has been more and worst than that between Paul and Matt. So you now understand the attachment  to Guenther Vomberg to Paul Petrea. Guenther was his “lawyer”. 

Q:And Evan? What is he doing in this operation “fighting the cyber stalkers?
A: Evan iliadis is the main player on this story. Again, without Evan we wouldn’t be here reading this lines or the book, (which is the same thing), because all of the partners mentioned above are living in the Philippines.

Evan lived there also for 6 years and knows the place, knows the mentality, knows the expats and sexpats He has also been the biographer of Christopher Bennetts life in the Philippines for years now.

I was solicited by Guenther Vomberg for an assessment  as to whether or not the accusations we find on line about him and the partners are brought there by a stalker or someone who put the record straight and  preventing a few con artists to further harm the people of the Philippines?
Please, see my answer below, and have a nice day. I’ll see you soon on another blog near you. 

Evan Iliadis-Ze book Iz here

Evan Iliadis-Ze book Iz here They are not victims of any stalker. They are all criminals trying to capitalize on their crimes and scams. This “book” is nothing else but a few 12zens of electronic pages about their rant on Evan Iliadis who has done irreversible damages to them in a successful demolition job bringing down their evil business on the net.