EVANILIADIS-INFO  Readers, welcome to  a second  promotional article of ze book I promised you last week. The text you see behind the picture above is taken from the book Guenther is partner and translator of the German version. Bad news readers..The book doesn’t sell and they need a boost from the stalkers to start moving on. It’s really bad! Hours and hours of translation gone free, waist of time and now the partners blame it on me. I swear to God I’m for nothing!

To prove it, today I spent time to design this magnificent picture of Guenther following the instructions recommending in the book. Let’s put them clear below with some comments between the screen shots just for the heck of fulfilling my obligation, returning Guenther’s politeness and good comments he posted on me here and there. He has even visited my FB page and talked to some people there. You now understand don’t you?

OK, here is how the book is marketed. EVANILIADIS-INFO Screen shot #1



What I’m thinking? Well Guenther, your Friend, Master, Mentor, the Illuminati through whom you received the light didn’t mention the name of Evan Iliadis. Why is that? Excuse me? You have no idea? I do have one and I’ll give to you. Is because Christopher “aka” Bennetts” the pedophile have never been stalked by any one. Evan Iliadis is “taking care” of him in a way to let the world – and particularly the Philippines – know that a perverted, dangerous psychopath is living among us. Because in the Philippines there isn’t sex offender registry on the internet, someone had to create one and let the neighbors know.



EVANILIADIS-INFO. Readers, welcome to a second promotional article of ze book I promised you last week.

Guenther again asking me to verify and correct this part of the copy. Well, Guenthers, again, in the case of Christopher Bennetts, Yours,( Noticed? Capital Y) and others complaining about Evan Iliadis for being stalked none of the treatment applies.For example when it comes to find your “harasser

You have never had to find who your “harasser” was. You knew it from day one, he has never acted anonymous neither under fake IDs as you pretend and the purpose of “stalking” wasn’t   for material gain but for reason of bringing you to the “people’s tribunal” for defaming, humiliating, lying and abusing the people of the Philippines. That’s why none of the organizations mentioned above give a dime to your complains, you have not removed anything from the “stalker’s” panoply, he’s operational more than ever. For the rest on this section of the sales pitch you haven’t accomplish anything yourselves, how you can advise others?


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To my opinion, Christopher Bennetts know nothing about stalked people because he has never been the victim of a stalker. Never! A search on the net shows that he’s specialized in perverted porn sites, that’s all he knows, that’s where he’s good!. Every one will Googling  him will see it!..
He has gone to war with one of his best friends accusing him on line as been a psychopath, all the guy did “went out” with his girlfriend  Ruby Bandejas because the girl has had enough with the pedophile and decided to end the relationship.

Christopher Bennetts almost sent him to life in prison with fabricated grave charges that later backfired on him, resulting in fleeing toThailand to avoid  arrest.

Let’s publish this. We’ll be back for the continuation