Guenther Vomberg Google days.

Guenther Vomberg Google days.


Guenther Vomberg Google days.

Guenther Vomberg Google days.

A lot of activity lately on my stats from Google flying to the rescue of Guenther Vomberg to remove from the search engine.

As expected, in compliance with an order from the European courts for the “right to be forgotten”  Google did so and removed certain pages from this blog. Guenther Vomberg Google days.

80% of the readers interested in him are from the Philippines, which was the reason of erecting this site in the first place. He has long ago been forgotten in Europe, no Google help needed, he’s better known as Guenther Vomberg Commander in the Philippines Coast Guard 

The tough guy, after barking all over the net as being a high caliber jurist, connected in Europe and the Philippines through family and friends, promising to send  Evan Iliadis in jail for the rest of his life, resigned contenting himself with the humble (free) assistance of Google. Guenther Vomberg Google days.

Guenther Vomberg living in Cebu Philippines  had to put up a bunch of lies to convinc the later on his residency in Germany, that Germany, he fled years ago and never looked back, oddly applying for Philippines citizenship rarely seen in the expat community living in the Philippines. Guenther Vomberg Google days.

Guenther Vomberg and his cohorts have tried countless times to shut down Evan’s and others’ blogs at the same time publishing blogs denying the accusations, painting himself as an upright citizen in Cebu, connected and influential. Guenther Vomberg Google days.

He has stated time and again, he’s not disturbed by Evan Iliadis allegations, downplayed the hype and hoopla surrounding the now famous uniform of the self-proclaimed “commander”, leaving the naive with the impression that is for real. If it is, why he fights so hard to hide it from the search engines? He was the one who first spread it on Facebook photo slides and blogs like this was the best accomplishment in his life after pizza making. Now he wants it out!

Guenther Vomberg I have this for you: Guenther Vomberg Google days.
By now, if you didn’t get it that your tactics to get rid of Evan are failing, that Google has sided only partially with you leaving most of Evan’s blogs “as is” then, you live under a rock.

Google and most readers understand the well founding of unmasking your real motivations behind the image you’re building on the net, certainly not the compassion you feel for the people of the Philippines or helping the expat community in the Philippines. Guenther Vomberg Google days.

All we see, is your involvement in the sexpat business and nothing else. Your hundreds of pictures you are posting as a result of your incurable narcissism are all pointing to one thing: Building an image for the purpose of misleading an already corrupt environment you live in, that environment you largely contributed and got advantages and benefits. Guenther Vomberg Google days.

Why you hate Evan Iliadis? Because he presented you the mirror, you looked in and didn’t like what you saw. Google knows that. You hate Evan because he closed the door on you on your favorite place of gathering with notorious sexpats, pimps, human traffickers and criminals, like Paul Petrea, Mike Mountstephen,  Christopher Bennetts, Drew shobbrook,  The living in Cebu Forums. Google knows that. There, you were the star, the VIP, the know all guy, thousands of posts having a saying about everything and nothing, hooked, priority #1 in your life.
Guenther Vomberg Google days.

But thanks to your “stalker” Evan Iliadis,  things have changed since. We haven’t seen you on the boards and forums in a long time. At least on the surface, under your real name. It looks like you try to get a life, but that association with Chris Bennetts is not in line with your effort.

That’s for today. We’ll continue about you on another blog erected in your honor. Unless you show us proof of behavior change.

Have a nice Google day.

Guenther Vomberg Google days.