Helping Guenther Vomberg

 It is known to everyone familiar with the Philippines how expats living there are so unique and distinctive compared to others in the SE Asia, like Cambodia Thailand and Vietnam in recent years.

Helping Guenther Vomberg - Guenther Vomberg-Cebu Philippines

Helping Guenther Vomberg

Some say Thailand is unique among Asian nations bringing in a large influx of foreigners from more influent nations, as much as 20 times more than neighboring Cambodia or the Philippines. 

With all denominations combined, including sexpats, expats permanent residents, (Like retirees) family tourism (Yes, it exists, well developed) and investors, an extraordinary accomplishment by this nation to overcome its reputation as a sex republic- actually kingdom- attracting hordes of tourists with blue eyes blond hair composed by Mom Dad and Kids.

Looking at the expat community, Some are entrepreneurs, others English teachers, others expats working for multinationals, and still others on retirement visas with spouses they met while still in their homelands

 And Cambodia? If you ask the Expat community living there you get info and comment like this:

Re: How many expats live in Cambodia?

by 200riel » Thu May 31, 2012 8:32 am

judging by this forum, I’d say there are about 20 expats living in Cambodia.
The rest are either perverted embassy personnel, retarded Frenchmen, and too-excited drunken first-timers who usually got themselves shot in the asses. Of course none of them are qualified to be the true expats in Cambodia.

 Expats here are THE elite group, like the khmer elites in their lexus and range rover, the expats are in drove in their daelim and a few odd Tico here and there.

Wow! Strong anti-expat words!

However Thailand and Cambodia isn’t the scope of this blog. Is the Philippines. Because is more fun in the Philippines, also a country we all know better, the country where Guenther is living for nearly 20 years.

Who’s Guenther Vomberg? Why helping Guenther Vomberg?

A unique and distinctive expat living in the Philippines like thousands others? Distinctive yes, unique no.

He’s part of the blend we see in the country’s expat community that has its own flavor made by retirees, singles or husbands of Filippino citizens, sexpats and sex tourists, losers of any age who didn’t make it in their homeland but as we’ll see didn’t make there either. Guenther is one of them.

The purpose of this new blog is not to ad anything more on the particulars of the expat community as widely stated time and again by bloggers and members of forums.

Instead, we’ll direct you to sources where you can make up your own mind, you’ll “meet” many of them, read real comments under fake  (screen) names. You don’t know them personally but does it matter? 

Helping Guenther Vomberg - Guenther Vomberg-Cebu Philippines

Helping Guenther Vomberg – Guenther Vomberg-Cebu Philippines

Again, what matters is they are real people expressing their beliefs you may or may not agree with the content, but you won’t be able to reply or counter attack theirs. They are hiding under ground, like vampires and ghosts fearing the outrage their statements may cause. Worse, if you try to look different or straight you’re out. Gone! Banned!

Then? What happens if banned? For some may have devastating  consequences for their life in the Philippines. They feel rejected, abandoned, humiliated, no “friends” to “talk”, they are lost and gone for ever! It happened to Guenther and many others.

That’s why we are here Helping Guenther Vomberg


Next in the coming days.

– Forums and discussion boards in the Philippines.
– Famous expats and sexpats members.– Day in night out on the forums way of life

And much more