Shame-on-you-liar - Guenther Vomberg

Shame-on-you-liar – Guenther Vomberg


Shame-on-you-liar. Thanks to Evan Iliadis Guenther Vomberg from Cebu Philippines is now busy not only with his preferred forum where he visits each time feels the urgency of the diarrhea he constantly suffers, but now learns how to write blogs, he learns SEO, Google page ranking, but the pictures need some alignment and his English better make it more simple than this fake fanfaronesque phrase and verbs he doesn’t know how to handle. Remember, after all he’s German, he was a handy man before becoming a pizza, pasta and hamburger maker. And French fries too…With the help of his main partners Matt Wilkie Tim Potter and Christopher Bennetts. You will read a lot about the latest in the days coming, and right here on this blog.

Today, I will introduce you to Guenther’s blog. As usual, a lot of diarrhea blah blah blah about Evan but today I will reply to one of his entries so Guenther don’t think I’m a gutless guy, even he knows that, I still need to remind him.

It’s about the entry on Knights of Rizal and Hans Schoof a German millionaire ( in Euros) living in a chateau in the heights of Baclayon near Tagbilaran Bohol. I met him once, I won’t say “I had the honor to meet Hans” like any kiss ass would say, I’d just say we had a cup of coffee with some Rotarians on the Garden Cafe in Tagbilaran for an event we asked him to participate.

 Guenther Vomberg, the delusional Guenther Vomberg, thinks that because I have seldom mentioned his appurtenance in the order of Knights of Rizal it was on purpose, for respect to the order or to Hans Schoof! Usual Guenther’s Bullshit!
It was on the agenda, but when dealing with a schizophrenic and his bad choices imposed by the voices is hard to keep up a priority protocol. While I was ready to talk to you about Guenther’s relationship with a criminal I read this on Gunther’s blog. Below is a partial capture of the entry, the whole thing is so long that no one cares!


Shame-on-you-liar. I have more than one problem with the Knights of Rizal , with Hans Schoof and your ass. But first thing first, let’s introduce Hans Schoof, then we’ll talk about the Knights.
-A German national came to the Philippines in the 80’s -90s, not many know, a lot of money, a Euro millionaire that no one knows the source of his fortune, a flamboyant show-off obese – beyond the normal, super-fat guy in his 50’s when I met him in 2004. Every birthday or for any cause or event he will buy all 3 main local newspapers and fill them with self promoting advertisement on “how great he is” or “how much donations he has made here and there”  A.. la Guenther!
It looks like Germans are all suffering from the public recognition syndrome and demand it by all means.. But since Guenther is not Hans Schoof, the poor guy  has only the Living in Cebu forum to trumpet his fame and show his uniform! Hans doesn’t need that.. That’s what I meant but the retard doesn’t get it! 
Married to a Filipina, built a multimillion pesos mansion on the hills of Baclayon, where right below on the flat people is dying at the hospital’s front door, short of one dollar to buy this life saving medication.
Hans Schoof is the most controversial expat the Philippines – especially Bohol – ever knew. In the 90’s he was raided twice by the GIDC with copters coming from Manila landing right on his land. Not very clear what the reason was, several versions, depending who you ask
But in the educated milieu of Tagbilaran I have friends, there was a doubt on the motivation of such a rich guy to live in the area, had a security guard of several men, almost a private army 24/24, unusual, even unthinkable for Bohol in the 90’s. Mercedes-Benz, Jaguars, Rolls, Bentleys, Harleys he was proud and arrogant enough to post pictures on many newspapers, for a “small” gift to bloggers they all praising him in their columns. And there are a few kiss asses of the kind in Tagbilaran.
Take a look below the pride he takes showing his wealth.
                                                                         Below is a partial view of his mansion 
 In the Philippines, like anybody else who can’t restrain himself from being a fame maniac, like anyone who is thirsty for recognition and afraid to be left behind, not only has spent millions in self promoting advertisement but spent even more on lavish parties inviting politicians and show biz figures from Manila, at his expenses, for the heck of giving the local press something to write about him. 
Excuse me? Guenther? No. He wasn’t invited. Not even as a butler , not even as a waiter! Hans had nothing to profit from him, in fact, not many Germans were part of his entourage, with the exception of a German couple owning resort in Panglao where she was always proud to say “My husband is at Schoof’s”!
But for some reason, not many Germans wanted to be part of  his world, provided he is also involved in politics, most Germans expats prefer  to stay out. Now, does Hans Schoof has anything else, other than money to make a special guy out of him? The answer is no! Nothing! And because he had not, he decided to find something.:

Welcome to Hans Schoof the Extreme Rizalist

 The liar Guenther Vomberg posted the same picture on his blog but without the article! If I had to go through all his lies and deceits I’ll need pages and pages just on this entry. Now, what this order has to do with the Dr. Jose Rizal, I’ll let you  hear it directly from the horse’s mouth:



 And this one:



For the complete statements above look here on the official Knights of Rizal site:

So? Guenther the liar? Hurry up and file a DCAM claim ( Damn thing… I never know how to spell it) to remove the “copyrighted pictures that you took with your own camera” before every one see them and laugh at your lies! 

Finally here is what I am thinking:

-Shame on you the order of Knights of Rizal for ridiculing the most illustrious Man ever born in the Philippines.

-Shame on the Knights of Rizal for being the instrument of an international mafia, mostly composed of Germans in their attempt to build the 4th Reich where no guns needed, a laptop and a briefcase will do it. Contracts, contracts, contracts!!

-Shame on you Knights of Rizal for accepting Hans Schoof as the “Supreme commander’ on the basis that he has more money than others and shows it in the biggest way possible.

-Shame on you Knights of Rizal for accepting Guenther Vomberg living in Cebu Philippines, an adventurer no one knows his survival source in the country, certainly not a restaurant he owns in the middle of nowhere, twice dumped by Filipino wives,  no one knows whence came, a man far from being a businessman as he pretends, thrown out from Germany as undesirable he now wants to obtain Philippines citizenship. Poor Philippines!! Like you had not enough with your own bad apples…


In closing, you are again miscalculating Mr Moron. What you think you do, is pushing Evan in expressing his thoughts and opinions and putting him in porte à faux with those you think are powerful and offer protection to you. Here is my answer to your illusions.

No one is powerful enough from those you mention on your blog to silence me. No one gives a shit about you, because you keep exposing them as you being one of them and if a slim possibility of consideration towards you existed is now gone! Not even the Living in Cebu Forums give a shit about your rant on Evan.

You tried countless times, all the support you got was from Spooks, Tim Potter, Matt Wilkie the scammer and Paul Petrea. Occasionally, one or two others. Imagine all these names to come publicly to your defense?  Dream babe dream… Listen to the voices on those special moments. Evan will keep the momentum up  and keep you busy… Promised!…

Shame-on-you-liar for your association with the most perverted psychopath  the Philippines sexpat community ever knew.

Reader, Click on the Bukkake images to see a few second movie. This is Guenther Vomberg’s mentor Christopher Bennetts. Click to see Guenther Vomberg’s associations with the psychopaths!

Warning! You may vomit!


Guenther Vomberg feels the financial crunch forcing him to look for new ventures. Hell the coast guard! Hell the Knights of Rizal! They don’t bring manna. So be. With Paul Petrea now out of the picture he turned  his hope to scammers and plotters  like Christopher Bennetts and Matt Wilkie for survival,   The clips you see will be live on your  screen, without the need of Tim Potter’s bogus – rip-off software that don’t work   Shame-on-you- liar.